In my late twenties, I made my first attempt at a career in visual arts and I landed a part as a featured extra in an independent film called Ingenious. The leading man was Dallas Roberts (Walk the Line) and his confidant was Jeremy Renner. I also got to meet and work with Ayelet Zurer (Munich).  This was a very pivotal experience for me and I was exposed to the excitement and creativity of being on a professional independent film set and it changed my life forever.

Around this time I also developed a full length documentary about sustainable energy. This was for a thesis project for a personal development program I was in called Curriculum for Living by Landmark Education.  I was able to hire a videographer and wrote an outline and did interviews of inventive people developing unique solutions in biofuel, solar, and wind energy.  This project also helped me to realize that I have a passion for visual expression.

Although I enjoyed these experiences, I always wanted a family and it felt more practical to pursue a career in business and sales. When the pandemic hit I returned to visual arts and began producing promotional videos for my roofing company and personal brand.  I enjoyed this so much and I saw so much potential that I started a video marketing company and hired a videographer, video editor, web designer and social media manager. I was at the helm of the company as the Video Producer and we created dozens of high quality commercial videos for clients all over the US.

This startup company gave me enormous experience in video production and web marketing but it did not work out. I struggled to lead two companies and spend quality time with my young family so I laid off the team and refocused on my career in the roofing industry.

I now create high quality video content independently and work on student projects through the Colorado Film School. My long term goal is to work on independent studio film projects in various capacities such as Producer, Video Editor, Director of Photography, Screenwriter, and eventually Executive Producer.

Email me if you have a video project that you think could interest me: