department of innovative arts (Formerly colorado film school)

About two years ago my eight year old son was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. I was resistant to his diagnosis even to the point where I thought that it was even real, and as I learned more about ADHD I started to wonder if I should get evaluated as well. My wife had suggested that I get evaluated for several years and I was very defensive and stubborn. I refused to get evaluated until someone I trusted suggested that I do it and sure enough I was given a conclusive and formal diagnoses of Adult ADHD.

This diagnosis helped me to make sense of many parts of my life that I found very confusing. Living with undiagnosed ADHD caused numerous problems in my personal life and business life. I think it also held me back a great deal in my creative goals and financial goals. As I continue to learn about it, I continue to realize that I can achieve goals that I used to think were not achievable. Once I started on a treatment plan and began the process of getting on the right dosage of medication I immediately honed my ability to edit videos and create high quality video content on my own rather than hiring freelancers. This was something that felt impossible prior to my diagnosis.

I attempted to apply to the Colorado Film School years ago and I could not follow through and complete my application. Back then I concluded that it was not right for me. The truth was that completing tedious documentation is a classic symptom of ADHD. With my newfound diagnoses I attempted the application process again and this time I was able to complete it with the help of the Office of Disabilities at the Community College of Aurora.

It was exciting for me to be admitted into the film school and after completing my first semester  I knew it was right. I enjoyed every minute of my class time and learning about the art of filmmaking. I am now developing my first short film and learning more about the technical aspects of filmmaking. I've also decided to apply to CU Denver and transfer there in the fall of 2024 to earn a Bachelor of Fine Art in Film and Television. In time I plan to transition full time into a career in the independent filmmaking.