Creative writing is my lifelong passion and after attaining my Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy from The University of Arizona, I had a hard time finding work as a writer. After college I struggled financially working two jobs and barely having enough money to live. I started reading books about business and eventually found work in sales. Over the years I've mostly worked in sales and marketing, however, going out on my own and starting a roofing company from scratch in 2018 was where I learned the most about business in general. In the beginning I stayed up late writing my business plan and developing a brand and eventually I worked day and night managing staff, marketing, accounting, cash flow, administration, and much more. After five years as an Owner/Operator of this business I realized that it was time for a change.

In 2023 I decided to return to college to earn a second Bachelor's degree in Film and Television. My interest in filmmaking started in the 80's when my single mother and I would go to the video rental store and rent a VCR for the weekend and spend all weekend watching movies and eating junk food. Throughout the years I would experiment with video projects, however, during the pandemic I ramped up my online marketing efforts and started a full service video marketing agency serving my roofing company and contractors across the US. This video marketing business re-ignited my passion for storytelling and I realized that independent filmmaking was what I wanted to spend my time doing at this stage of my career.

I am now the Director of Sales and Marketing at Sol Vista Roofing and I attend college part-time and work on film and marketing projects independently. Icontinue to develop my technical skills in content creation such as photography, videography, video and photo editing, web development, Google SEO, online lead generation, and

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